Fortitude MC – MC Biker Romance

(Fortitude MC - Book One)

One alpha male biker with a dark past. One strong-willed woman with a mouth the size of Texas.
He wouldn’t hurt her…but his desire would.

Sloane is trying to make the best of a bad situation.
After running away from home as a teenager, seven years later she’s busy building a new life for herself. One that’s full of work, college, and the freedom to go wherever she chooses. A life that’s as far away from her career criminal father as possible.
But when a hot as sin alpha biker walks into the club where she works, she knows she’s going to put up a fight to keep her freedom…and her heart.

Chaser has his own fair share of secrets.
Drafted into the leagues of Fortitude MC as payment for a debt, he’s got a lot of miles to make up.
That’s why he can’t say no when his boss orders him to find his estranged daughter before she winds up in a body bag. The same men who destroyed his life are out for blood and won’t stop until they get it.
But when he sets eyes on Sloane, he knows he’s in trouble.

When everything is out to kill you, and your savior is your enemy, who has time to fall in love?

(Fortitude MC - Book Two)

Sloane vowed she’d never return to the Fortitude MC compound. Not while her father lived to see it.
There’s only one thing she wants after all the misery she’s been through. A happy ending. One where Fortitude is hers to rule, her father is in a shallow grave and his legacy is ash on the wind.
With Chaser by her side, his heart in the palm of her hands, and one long list of people to avenge, she believes she can play the game…and win. Love and strength are hers to wield, but earning the trust of the men she left behind is easier said than done.
She’s about to learn that loyalty is the most dangerous game of them all.
And she thought the worst was behind her.

(Fortitude MC - Book Three)

Sloane didn’t think things could get any worse.

Her father is dead, Fortitude MC is fractured and at war with itself, casting all her carefully laid plans across the desert.
Barely escaping with their lives, Chaser and Sloane are on the run, forced to face the consequences of her father’s lust for power. Talk about the ultimate family inheritance.
On one hand, she wants to run the other direction, the thought of more heartache and pain too much to handle. On the other, nothing would be as satisfying as murdering King, the head honcho of the desert mafia known as the Hollow Men. The man who she was going to be sold to, and the man who was responsible for murdering Chaser’s wife. And putting a bullet in Rocket and his renegade bikers.
They’re hunted by two criminal organisations, their relationship is strained, and the threat of death hangs over their head at every turn. She did promise revenge and to stand by Chaser’s side…no matter what.

Sloane and Chaser endured a long ride to get to this moment, but they have one last hurdle before forever.
It’s time to make their final stand and go for broke…or die trying.