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Occasionally I get messages from new authors looking for advice on going it alone. Or as we call it, passing by the traditional publishers and going indie. This is a list of resources that I LOVE and one hundred percent recommend.

I’m the first to admit indie publishing is a hard road. In my first month back in 2013, I sold 17 copies of my debut book and hardly made a dent in my production costs. Fast forward to 2016, when I’m writing this, and I now earn a full time wage. I quit my job back in January 2015 and have been working twice as hard ever since. Lucky for me, I love what I do! It’s my dream, after all.

Being an Indie author is more than your novel. We have to think about the entire package, not just what’s within the pages. The editing, the ‘hook’, the cover, blurb and sample. Reviews, advertisements and long term strategies. It’s a feat to be creative and finish a novel, but then there’s the iceberg. MARKETING. It’s enough to drive the sanest person mad! In a world full of noise and distraction, how do we get readers to notice our books? How can we make them stand out?

Publishing is a constantly shifting industry with new technologies and marketing strategies being launched very single day. There is always something new to learn, even for seasoned veterans. There’s been loads of times where I think I’ve got a handle on it and the tide shifts right out from underneath me. Constant evolution!

Here are some of my favourite books, podcasts and blogs that I keep going back to on a regular basis. All are leaders in their respective fields and I strongly recommend checking each one out. There’s a lot of valuable information and they say it a lot better than I can.

This list is constantly evolving, so check back, or feel free to email me with any questions!



The Indie Author Survival Guide – Susan Kaye Quinn

For Love or Money – Susan Kaye Quinn

Business for Authors – Joanna Penn

How to Make a Living With Your Writing – Joanna Penn

How to Market a Book – Joanna Penn

2k to 10k – Rachel Aaron

Write To Market – Chris Fox

Take Off Your Pants – Libbie Hawker



The Creative Penn Podcast

Rocking Self-Publishing

The Self Publishing Formula

The Sell More Books Show

The Author Hangout

Authority Self-Publishing

Science Fiction and Fantasy Podcast (even if you don’t write in these genres, the information is still excellent)



The Passive Voice

The Creative Penn

Rachel Aaron

Russell Blake – How to Sell Loads of Books




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