Fortitude MC

Fortitude MC is a fast paced MC biker romance that will have you on the edge of your seat.
It contains explicit language and violence. Reader discretion is advised.

This series is complete!

The Beat & The Pulse

The Beat and The Pulse is a gritty MMA Fighter Romance that will leave you wanting more... in and out of the cage.

This series is complete!

Royal Blood

Xavier "X" Blood is an emotionless and deadly assassin, brainwashed to kill on command.

Mercy Reid is the woman who could help him love again...but she's the woman he's been hired to kill.

Will he pull the trigger? Or will he defy his programming and save her?

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Looking for a sizzling portrait of life at the top?

These red-hot Rock Star romances follow the sexy adventures of bad boy rock stars and the strong women who just might redeem them.

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The Devil's Tattoo

Aussie flavoured Rock Star Romances!
Go on tour to see if love really is a Highway to Hell, or a Stairway to Heaven...

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The Thornfield Affair

This series is complete!

Stand Alones 

From superstar actors and more! These novels are one shot reads to savour any appetite...