New Release: The Devil’s Tattoo… A Rock Star Romance

The Devil’s Tattoo: A Rock Star Romance

Release: August 9th, 2017

When Zoe Granger started playing guitar to get over her heartbreak, she never thought that her band would hit it big.
She never expected to fall for the handsome—and just as heartbroken—Will Strickland, either.
When she’s offered a make or break deal, their bands go out on tour…together.
When you have a thing for a hot rock star who could take his pick of any woman he wants, there’s no telling who will come out on top once the curtain falls.
In the glitzy world of fans, fame and rock ’n’ roll, can Zoe trust a playboy rocker with her heart?

Stage dive into this rock star romance and find out if falling in love on tour really is a Stairway to Heaven…or a Highway to Hell.


**Author note: This book was originally published as ‘The Devil’s Tattoo’ by Nicole R. Taylor. It has been extensively revised and republished under her romance identity, Amity Cross.





Strike (#10 The Beat and The Pulse)

Release: July 12th, 2017

Callie Winslow is on the verge of realizing her wildest dreams. When her cake shop on one of Melbourne’s most vibrant shopping strips opens to the public, she’ll be on her way to the top of the food chain…literally. But one night, days before the launch, everything goes up in flames.
As fire engulfs her shop, Callie is trapped inside with no way out, until a handsome mystery man bursts through the inferno and carries her to safety. Problem is, he vanishes soon after without telling her his name.
Haunted by the stranger who saved her life, Callie pulls out all the stops in her attempts at finding him, but she isn’t quite prepared for the man she finally meets.
Mark “Storm” Ryder is a shell of his former self. Accused of a crime he didn’t commit, he was banned for life from professional MMA and sent home with his reputation in tatters. Left with nothing to his name, he fights at the illegal cage fighting league known as The Underground to make ends meet. Plagued by the stigma of his downfall, he’s closed himself off to everything and everyone, believing it’s for the best.
Then one night, he hears a cry for help and rushes headfirst into danger without a second thought. When he pulls a beautiful woman from a burning building, he knows he can’t stick around and face her inevitable judgement, so he disappears, but little does he know, the mystery woman won’t let him vanish as easily as that.
Brought together by fate and flames, Callie knows if she wants to crack open Storm’s heart and show him he deserves to be loved, she’ll need to strike while the iron’s hot or risk him disappearing forever.





RUSH (#9 The Beat and The Pulse) is LIVE!

Rush (#9 The Beat and The Pulse)

Release: May 10th, 2017

Ryan Harper used to love a girl named Jade Forsyth, until she chose someone else.
Walking away from the only woman he’s ever loved and clawing his way up from the bottom, he’s on the cusp of making it in the world of professional MMA. He’s spent his life being put down because of his working class roots, but now he’s made something out of himself. Something he can be proud of.
When a chance meeting on a Melbourne street sends his unrequited love spiralling into his life once more, he’ll do anything to show her there’s more to her—and life—than how much money is in her bank account, the clothes she wears, and how much overtime she puts in at work. Life is for living…and loving.
But when the rush wears off, will Jade see his feelings are real? Or is history destined to repeat itself?